• Company Name:Zhongshan SUNGEM Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Address:Weipai Industrial Park, No. 7 Xinmao Industrial Avenue, Henglan Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong
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  • Tel:+86-760-87555188
  • Fax:+86-760-87555166
  • Email:sj@sungemlight.com
  • Website:http://www.sungemlight.com
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Zhongshan Sungem is located at Henglan town, adjoining to the capital city of lighting, Guzhen town. Sungem is a professional illumination company and integrated with marketing, illumination design, engineering, city landscape lighting design and maitenance. It was Zhongshan xxxx previously and founded in 2006. It mainly focuses on design and construction of illumination for buildings, gardens, road & ground and large LED display screen, etc.

The main business of company is the design and construction of illumination for city landscape, buildings, road& street, gardens, bridge outline and entertainment &recreations etc.

As a professional lighting engineering company, Sungem always focuses on quality, service and innovation. The company builds complete quality system and after sales network. It applies advanced illumination technology and art to city's night view and creates a fancy living space.

Sungem is dedicated to development and engineering of city lightening. In past years, the company successfully completed lightening projects that include Tianjin Plaza, Xinjiang Shihezi, Hannan Coconut Village, Foshan CITIC lake, Guangdong provincial compound, Daoxian Railway station and Zhongshan Liangdu park,etc. Sungem is a promising illumination company in this field with its achievements in recent years.

We're continuing on this way to create a beautiful land, for you and for me.